Rue Grande
7010 Mons (Bergen in Flemish)
Point of Contact
Please write to us in English.

How to request a visit to SHAPE?

1. Fill in the application form
Visit requests can be submitted to SHAPE PAO via the application form and send via e-mail (see "contact us” page). As soon as we have checked the availability of a briefing room and a briefer we will confirm the date of the visit by e-mail. Please be aware that only this confirmation can be accounted as a binding acceptance of your visit at SHAPE. In general all applications should have reached us no later than four weeks prior to your intended visit.
2. Fill in the participants list
After you receive the confirmation e-mail, you should complete the list of participants. It should be type written and returned to SHAPE PAO at least two weeks before the date of your visit. You can do this via the participants list form and send it to us via e-mail. (See "contact us” page).
We must be notified of any deletions or additions to this list no later than six working days prior to the visit.
3. The visit
It is paramount that each visitor brings his/her passport or identity card with him/her for the SHAPE visit. Incomplete data on the participants' list or failure to bring passports/ identity cards along for the visit can cause severe disruptions in gaining access to SHAPE.