Who can visit SHAPE?

SHAPE will generally accept visit groups from universities, institutions and other organizations. We do not accept individual visits.

When are we able to visit SHAPE?
SHAPE is open all year, but is closed for SHAPE holidays and special events.
Will I have to pay?
The visit to SHAPE, if accepted, is free.
During the coffee/tea break hosted coffee/tea will be served at the Headquarters cafeteria "The Silver Spoon”. Other beverages can be ordered at the cafeteria counter at your own expenses (note: the cafeteria will only accept individual cash payments in Euros).
The cost for the Menu of the day is about 19 Euros per person (excluding beverages) and the Continental Buffet is about 16 Euros per person (excluding beverages). Please note that buffet is available only for groups with more than 30 people. If you want your coach driver to join your group for lunch please let us know and do not forget that the meal will have to be paid for. The full cost of lunch is payable on the day, by one single payment, either in cash (Euros only) or by credit card.
PLEASE NOTE: As the SHAPE Club is a financially independent organization any cancellations or changes must be received by SHAPE PAO 3 working days prior to the visit. Since the Menu of the day will be pre-produced on the day of the visit according to the number of participants announced the group has to pay for the number of participants booked if the changes are not notified to SHAPE PAO 3 working days prior to the visit. Groups who cancel a pre-booked lunch on the day of the visit will have to pay the full cost of the ordered meals.


How can I get to SHAPE?

Groups have to travel with their own transport and should provide the data for the transportation vehicle(license plate)and the driver(s) as requested in the list of participants (see How to request a visit at SHAPE). Without this information, the driver will have to go through the visitor's office and the visit will be delayed.

Are we allowed to use mobile phones or cameras?

For reasons of security, taking photographs is allowed only in certain areas. Permission to film or video must be obtained in advance from the Provost Marshall Office and must be requested via SHAPE PAO. Mobile phones are permitted at the Headquarters only in certain areas.

Is smoking allowed?

There is a NO SMOKING policy at the Headquarters (including The Silver Spoon and SHAPE Club). Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

What should I do in case of a delay?

Should any major delay (e.g. road works, traffic accident, etc.) occur en route to SHAPE on the day of the visit, the group leader should give our office a call on (0032(0) 65 44 6290/6292/6293). This will enable us to inform staff members involved in the visit and if necessary re-arrange the times of the briefings and discussion.