SHAPE is more than NATO's Strategic Military Headquarters; it is also an international community made up of representatives from all the member nations of the Alliance.
On SHAPE we are also hosting staff elements of NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency, NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Force Command (NAEW & CFC) and Military Cooperation Division (MCD).
Located about five kilometers from the town of Mons and near the communities of Casteau, Maisières and Masnuy St. Jean, SHAPE contains, in addition to the headquarters, a number of supporting units, residential areas, shops, sports grounds and gymnasiums, schools, clubs, chapels, a health facility, a library, a cinema, a bowling alley and a Youth centre.
The SHAPE International Staff is composed of approximately 1,100 personnel, of which 40% are officers, 45% are other ranks and 15% are civilians. In addition, 550 persons are involved in the National Military Representative (NMR) echelon and the NMR support elements at SHAPE, with a 80-20% balance between military and civilian. NCI Agency, NAEW & CFC and PCC staff number about 500 persons. With the addition of 700 locally employed civilians (including contractors and freelancers) and some 3,000 family members, the SHAPE community consists of over 6,000 people. The average length of a tour at SHAPE for military personnel is three to four years.

* personnel numbers are average numbers, they change on a weekly basis.


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