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Major General Fernando Alejandre was born in Madrid, Spain. He graduated from the Spanish Military Academy in 1979 belonging to the Corps of Engineers. As a junior officer Maj Gen Alejandre was a Sapper Platoon Leader at the Airborne Brigade and later on, the Commander of a Combat Engineer Coy for the same Airborne Brigade. He was tactical instructor after graduation from the Army General Staff College from 1994 to 1995. He was then selected as Assistant Military Attaché to the Embassy of Spain in Washington DC, where he served for 3 years.
Upon his promotion to Lieutenant Colonel and his return to Spain, he served as Chief of Staff for the Engineer Brigade, and three years later as operational planner at the Army Headquarters Operations Centre. In 2003 he became the Chief of Operations at the Rapid Reaction Divisional HQ.  As a Colonel, he was Commander of the 12th Engineer Regiment in Zaragoza before he was sent to serve as the military advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Madrid.
Selected for Brigadier General, he assumed in 2010 the duties of Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations at Army HQ where he had responsibilities in planning and conducting the Spanish Army‘s contribution to ISAF and other operations.
His operational background commenced from a deployment to Iraq in 1991, to being chief Engineer in Bosnia in 1993 and JOC Director in KFOR HQ in 2003.
A graduate of the NATO Defence College and honour student in the U.S. Army Engineer school, he received several Spanish medals and the U.S. Army Meritorious Service Medal.
Maj Gen Alejandre assumed the duties of Deputy Chief of Staff, Support at SHAPE in September 2012. He is married to Eva and they have 3 sons (29, 27 and 10 years old). He is most proud of his long family tradition of service in the Spanish Army and his two eldest sons serve on active duty as Infantry First Lieutenants.
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