Support to Operations

ACO Medical Directorate
Medical support to operations is the primary focus of the ACO Medical directorate. Our unclassified web-portal coordinates and facilitates the sharing of non-classified information with ACO commands, NATO HQs and national medical staffs, as part of the ACO battle rhythm events.

NATO Civil-Military Fusion Centre
The Civil-Military Fusion Centre (CFC) facilitates the sharing of open-source unclassified information between civilian and military actors working on complex crises in order to enhance their sense of shared awareness. CFC achieves this mission through our unclassified CIMICWEB portal, weekly news reviews, monthly thematic reports, strategic engagements, exercise support and free RFI service to subscribers.

NATO Intelligence Fusion Centre
NATO's Intelligence Fusion Centre (NIFC) is a military led, U.S.-sponsored MOU organisation chartered by NATO's Military Committee. The NIFC comprises over 200 multinational military and civilian intelligence and support professionals from 26 of 28 NATO nations and one North Atlantic Council (NAC) approved non-NATO nation. NATO's IFC was created to facilitate the sharing and fusion of intelligence, contribute to filling intelligence gaps within ACO, and to support the planning and execution of current operations.

Strategic Airlift Capability

Ten NATO countries plus two Partner countries (Finland and Sweden) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding confirming their participation in Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) initiative to acquire, manage, support and operate three Boeing C-17 strategic transport aircraft.