Topic Focus

NATO support to African Union
NATO now has a standing agreement to provide Strategic sealift and airlift support for African Union Troop Contributing Countries willing to deploy to Somalia.

Peacekeeping, as defined by the United Nations, is a way to help countries torn by conflict create conditions for sustainable peace. It is distinguished from both peacebuilding and peacemaking.

Growing piracy in the Gulf of Aden and off the Horn of Africa is threatening to undermine international humanitarian efforts in Africa, as well as the safety of commercial maritime routes and international navigation. NATO is actively helping to increase security by conducting counter-piracy operations in the area.


The fight against terrorism is high on NATO's agenda.

Military Cooperation
Partnerships are an integral part of NATO's security policy, a tool to achieve NATO's objectives. Consequently, as part of its comprehensive approach to security, NATO has developed various types of cooperation and dialogue.

NATO Medals
Personnel may be eligible to receive a variety of medals for their participation in NATO operations. The criteria, area of operations and qualifying service requirements differs from mission to mission.